Mission & Values

Our focus on innovation is the key to achieving and maintaining a position of leadership in all countries where we operate is. It is our firm belief that by working in a sustainable way, accepting our role as socially and ethically responsible citizens and adhering to the values ​ promoted by Saldimpianti we create benefits for the community in which we live.

Our values

Saldimpianti’s corporate culture is a key factor for the success of our company. The core values from which we develop our culture are: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency, which make up the acronym “LIFE”.

These values ​provide us with a guide for our everyday work and search for solutions to the major challenges of today's world.
the value of the company to grow together
  • Clever management of resources
  • Celection of value-oriented activities
  • Control on costs, scheduled times and quality
  • Canagement of decision-making process
  • Coordination of teamwork
  • Serving as a model of behaviour
  • Complying with laws, regulations and business good practice
  • Being fair and reliable
  • Implementing appropriate active listening and communication skills
  • Being committed to well being of people, safety and environment
  • Actively driving the change
  • Readily and skillfully adjusting to new trends and future needs
  • Promoting a client-oriented approach
  • Creating opportunities and taking calculated risks
  • Implementing a permanent training
  • Maximization of resources
  • Focus on value-oriented activities
  • Efficient management of costs, scheduled times and quality
  • Responsible choice for coherent actions
  • Teamwork approach to finding the best solutions