The core elements of our sustainability strategy is protecting the individuals and the environment in partnership with communities and society, and promoting local economic development. These objectives can be achieved through a process of continuous improvement and are the keys for the achievement of our ambition to be a best-in-class company for the development and performance of sustainability in our sector. Saldimpianti reinforce their commitment to protecting the environment, health and safety with the aim of improving the quality of life in areas where it is present. The commitments Saldimpianti has voluntarily decided to undertake are:

► Saldimpianti are committed to respond to major global challenges as far as environmental, social and quality of life issues are concerned;
► integrating sustainable development as a key part of our strategy for business development;
► implementing control programs on sustainability in all our projects;
► boost local employability and employees satisfaction;
► respecting and protecting human rights;

fostering and supporting long-term development actions for local communities in the countries in which we operate.