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Quality-Safety-Environment Integrated policy


Quality, Safety and Environment are essential factors for an organization growth and development.

The integrated system can be considered as an integrated coexistence of three subsystems:

Quality Subsystem, giving particular emphasis to processes

Safety Subsystem, giving particular emphasis to the human being

Environment Subsystem, giving particular emphasis to environmental protection.


They interact on common areas and issues that can be considered partially common within the company.

The Company System, as far as this integrated perspective is concerned, acquires from the market:

► Commodities

► Energy

► All the various resources necessary for company needs

managing the use, process and transformation of which, turning these elements into products and related services but at the same time producing waste and emissions of various kinds along almost the entire production cycle.

In order to obtain safe and reliable products, controlled environmental impacts and satisfactory services by reducing and/or eliminating the risks to workers' health, SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction constantly work at all levels to continually improve their general internal organization, and suppliers business processes.

The efforts and the company's resources are aimed at carrying out all activities according to the criteria of Quality, Safety and Environment as defined by documentation related to the Integrated System.

In the interest of continuous improvement SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction defines an annual improvement to define and formalize business objectives by periodically monitoring their implementation.

In order to implement this policy with a precise reference and for the achievement of their goals, the company has adopted the concept of Quality-Safety -Environment with reference to the following standards:

► UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

► UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006

► UNI / EN ISO 14001:2004

► OHSAS 18001:2007


In order to support and promote this policy at all levels, SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction, as defined in their mission, are strongly committed in the pursue of the following strategic objectives:


► consolidation and improvement of the prominent position reached on the relevant market sectors;

► identification of new business horizons in foreign countries, which indirectly  contribute to technical and economic growth of the local places involved;

► Identification  and satisfaction of  the needs and expectations of all stakeholders (clients, shareholders, employees and co-worker, suppliers and subcontractors, local organizations);

► the search for the continuous improvement process to built-in support of the objectives defined and the activation of an adequate system of monitoring and control of the achievement of expected results;

► the implementation of effective and efficient communication tools for internal and external information flows;

► information and raising awareness of  third parties organizations operating on sites of the Company on the business management systems and monitoring their effective implementation;

► the conduct of a constant training and retraining of personnel, for purchases awareness of their role and actively contribute to the improvement of Quality, Health and Safety of themselves and other workers , and the environment;

► strict explicit and implicit compliance with contractual commitments, rules , regulations and laws binding on the protection of the environment, safety at work and protection of workers' health;

► the assessment and management of health, safety and environment risks generated by all activities, in particular for new infrastructures and orders;

► the identification and transfer of formal powers in the field of safety, health and environmental protection;

► effective prevention and protection aimed at eliminating accidents and occupational diseases;

► use of processes, materials and technologies that can prevent or reduce the risk factors of environmental pollution and tend to optimize the consumption of raw materials and maximum energy efficiency;

► Information, awareness and supervision of ethical conduct by all employees.


In order to support and promote this policy at all levels SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction established the QSE function as a “Representative of the Management” to:


► raise awareness within the company on clients’ requirements;

► ensure that the processes needed for the integrated system are identified, managed through precise documentation prepared and kept up to date;


SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction approves this "Integrated Quality-Safety-Environment Policy" in its integrity by committing themselves to its application and continuous renewal over time.