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Social accountability policy

SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction considers very important the social aspect of the company and the responsibilities that come with it

For this reason the company operates with the aim of safeguarding the health and safety of workers with commitment to social responsibility.

SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction’s aim is, both in their daily work and in strategic perspective, the full realization of the Social Accountability requirements of SA 8000 Social Accountability)

It is SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction' s firm belief the importance of a correct and transparent management of our" human heritage " and raising awareness of our General Management, suppliers, employees and external cooperators to respect the principles of social responsibility established in the SA 8000 committed to:

► No use or support of child or forced labour;

► Compliance to national and local regulations, international conventions and

recommendations, including the resolutions of international bodies such as the ILO - International Labour Organization and the UN - United Nations Organization;

► Respect of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining;

► No discrimination and unequal treatment (related to recruitment, compensation, access to training, promotion, career) based on race, nationality, religion, disability, sex , sexual orientation, trade union membership , political affiliation;


► Condemn all illegal conduct likely to come into conflict with physical and / or moral dignity;

► Application of the National Collective Labor Contract fully and impartially to all employees by paying on time and paying the salary established all the relevant social security , welfare and insurance;

► Ensuring the protection of maternity and paternity leave and disadvantaged people;

► Promotion and improvement of safety and physical/mental wellbeing of company employees with both preventive and remedial actions;

► Involvement of suppliers, services and activities and their commitment to social responsibility by complying with all the requirements of the reference standard;

► Development and extension of the information, communication , education and training processes and promotion of a dialogue with stakeholders to ensure efficient and effective implementation of the company integrated system.

SALDIMPIANTI ENGINEERING SRL | Oil & Gas construction believes that this can make a decisive contribution to improving the general conditions for the management and development of human resources and, to this end, undertakes to inform all stakeholders (employees, suppliers, clients , public opinion, unions, public authorities and NGOs) a strong message in order to implement the knowledge, respect and application of the requirements of SA8000 regulations.